About test automation

We are often asked if the test method is manual or automation. we also use automation tools, of course.
Software testing is not a matter of choice between manual and automation, it is best to use the right tool for work that is suitable for using the tool, and to do it manually for work that is more suitable for manual work.
Recently, test tools using AI have been released, but it is still not possible to entrust all of the testing to AI, and engineers are required to have knowledge and experience in testing.
It is necessary to check the entire test plan and AI-generated test cases for omissions.
While using test automation tools that utilize AI, let's flexibly improve quality by relying on experts for important parts.

a part of Valtes testign method

-Limited test case with scope
Quality can be guaranteed if all items can be tested, but it is not realistic due to infinite cost and time. Therefore, Valtes proposes a scoped test strategy.

-Test perspective library
A test perspective that represents points, cuts, perspectives, etc. when testing a test target. If this test perspective is not in place, test extraction will vary depending on the person in charge even for the same test target. Therefore, Valtes has a test viewpoint library for each domain. Personalization is eliminated, and it is possible to extract quickly without missing a test.

-A bird's-eye view of the entire test with a test map
A test map is a mapping of "features" and "test perspectives". You can get a bird's-eye view of the entire test and prevent omissions in the test.

-Test design that makes full use of test techniques
At Valtes, we use a variety of black-box testing techniques to ensure complete and efficient testing.

-IEEE829 (ISO / IEC / IEEE29119 ) compliant documents
We provide IEEE829 (ISO / IEC / IEEE29119 *) compliant documentation so that it can be used for future project management. Definition items during the test process can be thoroughly identified, and step-by-step reviews enable the project to proceed in a reliable process. It also makes it easier to share and look back on information.

-Test strategy feedback with test summary
After the test is completed, we will summarize the test results as a summary report and submit it. We analyze the test results, confirm the tendency, type, risk level, etc. of defects, and feed them back to the development and test strategy of the next project. Regarding the test summary report, the quality of products and processes is expressed in numerical values, graphs and tables, so you can check at a glance.